Sika-DriTac continues to invest in research and development of new technology to continue to lead the flooring industry with the highest quality adhesive solutions and installation products.

With over 60 years manufacturing in the United States and providing the domestic and international markets with innovative, proven eco-friendly adhesive technology, Sika-DriTac is one of the most experienced manufacturers of adhesives in the market today. Sika-DriTac products are available from coast to coast in the United States through our comprehensive distribution network that includes a great majority of the nation’s largest flooring distributors. Sika-DriTac produces and delivers the highest quality premium products across the country and around the globe with excellent service and a deep appreciation for our valued customers.

Sika-DriTac Adhesives and Installation Products

We produce a wide array of products tailored to perform across a broad spectrum of flooring products. Our primary adhesive technologies include pressure sensitive, moisture cure urethane, MS polymer and acrylics.

We are a leader in sound and moisture control installation solutions, predominantly featuring our 4-in-1 and 5-in-1 wood flooring system adhesives, all of which save the installer time and the consumer money.

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Sika-DriTac is pleased to feature our family of  “Green” Environmentally Friendly Adhesives and Installation Products for the Flooring Industry. DriTac recognizes the importance of the  “Green” movement. We are actively working with architects, builders and developers to address this market need. You can rely on DriTac to provide you with high quality adhesives for your flooring needs while contributing to your “green” building efforts!


Celebrating over 60 years of excellence, Sika-DriTac is pleased to feature the family of “Green”, Environmentally Friendly Adhesives and Installation Products for the flooring industry’s residential and commercial markets.

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Sika-DriTac offers a family of CRI certified flooring installation solutions.

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Sika-DriTac offers a wide variety of high quality green adhesives for any flooring application, click the link below to learn more!

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