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DriTac Easy CleanJune 2013 – DriTac Flooring Products is introducing DriTac 7700 Easy Clean 4-in-1 Premium Green MS Polymer Sound & Moisture Control Wood Flooring Adhesive. Extremely easy to clean off the surface of hardwood flooring wet or dry, DriTac 7700 Easy Clean 4-in-1 is a singlecomponent moisture-curing MS Polymer Wood Flooring Adhesive Solution with zero VOCs, zero solvents and zero isocyanates. This 4 In-1 flooring adhesive can now be used as an adhesive only or a sound and moisture control adhesive with crack suppressant capabilities.

Manufactured in the USA, DriTac 7700 Easy Clean 4-In-1 provides easy troweling for successful installations of multi-ply engineered plank, solid wood planks, bamboo (horizontal and vertical only when used as a 4-In-1 system), exotic woods, acrylic impregnated wood, plywood and parquet. This innovative 4-In-1 product has very low odor and will control concrete moisture vapor transmission from as high as 12 lbs/1,000 ft2/24 hrs, per the ASTM 1869 Calcium Chloride Method Test, or up to 85% Relative Humidity (RH), per the ASTM 2170 Relative Humidity Test, when used as a 4-In-1 sound and moisture control adhesive solution.

DriTac 7700 Easy Clean 4-In-1 also offers superior noise reduction properties that are often needed to meet building code requirements for multi-unit housing. This 4-In-1 adhesive solution will help installers turn their wood flooring installations into time efficient, cost-effective projects that increase productivity due to its easy clean feature. DriTac 7700 Easy Clean 4-In-1 is available in 1- and 4-gallon plastic pails.

DriTac Flooring Products, LLC is celebrating over 55 years as one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of environmentally friendly adhesives for flooring in the market today. DriTac adhesives are available from coast to coast through more than 100 distributors and in warehouses including: Clifton, N.J., Dalton, Ga., City of Commerce, Calif. and Dallas, Texas. For more information, or to receive a complete products guide for all of DriTac’s adhesives and installation products for wood flooring, visit