DriTac 8302 Double Impact

DriTac 8302 Double Impact

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    • 42” x 28.58′ ft. = 100 sq. ft./roll

    • Anti-Crush Mechanical Properties

    • Improved Foot Fall Sound Performance

    Acoustic Ratings up to: IIC 73; STC 72; Delta 21

    • Covers Minor Floor Irregularities

    • Dual Force, Silent Fuse Technology with SRS

    • Approved Over Radiant Heated Floors

    • For Residential and Commercial Applications

    • Available With (LT) and Without Lip and Tape

    • For 8302 Double Impact LT, Safeguard Seaming System creates a building code approved vapor barrier seam between two pieces of underlayment

    •   Moisture Control
    •   Sound Control
    •   VOC Compliant

    Product Description

    Premium Underlayment for Wood & Laminate Floors

    Double Impact is a technologically advanced 2mm underlayment and acoustical barrier for successful installations of hardwood and laminate flooring. DriTac 8302 offers the Total Sound Reduction System (SRS) enhanced lifetime warranty when utilized in conjunction with approved DriTac flooring adhesives in ‘double-stick’ applications.

    Double Impact contains negligible VOC content (measured below quantifiable levels), affording the green community the best sound abatement choice for their eco-friendly projects. Double Impact is an inert product that is Hypo-Allergenic and Mold/Mildew/Bacteria resistant with no toxic additives CFC/HCFC/PVC/BHT/Pinta Bromide/latex or antimicrobials.

    Exceeds all standards for indoor air quality including California codes.

    Flooring Types

    •   Acrylic Impregnated Wood
    •   Bamboo
    •   Exotic Wood
    •   Laminate
    •   Multi-Ply Engineered Plank
    •   Plywood
    •   Solid Wood Plank

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